Choir Resources

Hello Oakland Choral Society

We would like to help you feel prepared for the concert, so here are a few resources to help.

Note from Andrew, Schedule for the next four weeks.

Schedule for Rehearsals

Thank you for all your hard work thus far. Here is a rough rehearsal schedule for the next few weeks. Please make note that our dress rehearsal will be on Thursday, April 4th, not that Tuesday. We have arranged to have an extra rehearsal with the orchestra on that day so we can have the full rehearsal to work things out with the orchestra on Thursday.

Relative Schedule:

19MAR2019 - Haydn - RUN (fix as needed) // Schubert - RUN (fix as needed). This is at our regular rehearsal space at Birmingham Unitarian Church.

26MAR2019 - WE WILL BE AT FAITH LUTHERAN CHURCH THIS EVENING. WE WILL NOT BE AT BIRMINGHAM UNITARIAN! Church address. 37635 Dequindre Troy, MI 48083.Spot clean areas from week prior, Run both works.

02 APR2019 - Rehearsal with ORCHESTRA ONLY, open rehearsal, you welcome to attend/observe (Faith Lutheran Church, Troy MI)

04 APR2019 - Dress Rehearsal - CHORUS & ORCHESTRA (Faith Lutheran Church, Troy MI)

07 APR2019 - Performance - Call time 2:30 (ready to sing / warm up) // 3:30 p.m. performance, Reception to follow, Orchestra Sono is hosting. You all are welcome to bring things. I will get you all a name of a contact with the orchestra as we move closer.


There is a planned reception at the church after the concert. Please invite your friends to remain and snack with us in the church lobby.

Also, Sandy and I have planned a dinner afterglow at a local restaurant. Choir members and friends are invited to participate. We have reservations at Joe Bologna Italian restaurant. Flier attached.

This is after the reception at the church, so there is plenty of time to mingle with our friends and music fans at the church prior to going to Joe's.